Photo Guide

Follow the tips below when selecting the best photo from your adventure. If your photo doesn't exactly fit these tips, don't worry! We have a dedicated team that checks all photos to make sure they will work.


If there is any issue with the photo, we'll let you know within 2-3 hours after placing your order and help you choose one that will work better!


Upload a clear photo with high resolution.

In general, any photo from a smartphone will work great! 

The brighter, the better.

We recommend choosing a photo that has a lot of natural light and bright colors without any filters. Those always come out the best. 

Consider the layout.

It's helpful to have an area that isn't very busy such as the sky, the horizon, a road, or a sandy beach to place the text over. Don't worry if you're not sure about your image. Send us a message with the image and we will let you know if it will come out looking great!

Make it unforgettable! 

Photos with an interesting subject or background turn out great and really capture the memory of the trip.